Monday, 2 June 2014

Meltdown support

I found a list I wrote for Atrus last year explaining what I needed him to do in order to support me through a meltdown or when I was feeling anxious, and stressed.

  1. Please do not question or argue with me. Just listen. I need time to process.
  2. I will write requests for things I need done that are causing me anxiety/stress rather than speak them as it is easier for me write at this point. Please read them and do them, if possible.
  3. Explain to me what you plan to do next so I know and don't feel out of control. I literally feel like my world is spinning out of control when I am in this state. I need things to be as predictable as possible.
  4. I do not need you to argue with me and justify yourself. I need things to go smoothly so I don't feel out of control.
  5. Please listen to me and take me seriously. This is a scary time for me. I need lots of reassurance. I need you to be caring and empathetic with me while I am in this state.