Saturday, 10 May 2014

Contentment with Neurodiversity

I wrote this poem a few weeks ago after I had a traumatic experience with a professional I am seeing. It was not intended to be traumatic, it is just how it happened and how sensitive/fragile I am. It stemmed from a clashing of views about pathologising from the professional and neurodiversity (my view). 

Contentment with Neurodiversity.

I'm actually quite happy
living my life
in a way which suits me
I don't need a box
to fit me in, to hold me

I've often been told
to change who I am
to fit in
to stop being me
to be another
who ticks off the right boxes

I'm actually quite happy
being imperfect me
I don't need a set of boxes
to tick off
to hold me captive
to mould me into another creature

I know who I am
I am quite aware
of my limits and differences
that set me apart
I like it that way
it is who I am
who I've come to accept and love

I've tried being normal
whatever that means
it made my brain hurt
I wanted to die
I had no hope

then I found out
there's a reason I'm me
a reason I do things
the way that I do

relief and hope fills me
I am not alone
in being this way
there are many others

I connect and learn
all that I can
form many friendships
learn from others
lead others
encourage others

I'm neurodiverse
I like it that way
I don't need fixing
I am not broken
I am who I am
I like who I am
finally, at long last.

Kerrilynn Harris (c) 2014

Further reading:

Throwing away the Master's tools: Liberating ourselves from the pathology paradigm by Nick Walker.

Neurotypical psychotherapists and neurodiverse clients. by Nick Walker.

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