Saturday, 10 May 2014


Welcome to my new blog. The name for my new blog came from one of the last few blog posts from my other blog. It is called 'I am resplendently autistic'. Soon after writing that post all of my motivation for being creative came back. It all started one day when I went to an art session at the mental health program I go to sporadically. I sat down and knew exactly what I wanted to create. The change in scenery and the getting away from the clutter of my life and home freed my mind to make a start on an idea I had been mulling over for several months. Once I drew my idea on paper I was freed creatively. All at once numerous ideas filled my mind and I have been fairly busy ever since writing down my ideas, working on art-works, sewing, writing, and drawing. I am working out a plan of how to integrate more creativity and art-making into my life. I am excited! I have lots of ideas and big plans. Welcome to my creative journey. 

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